Property Owners and AssociationsToday's property owner faces the continuous challenge of meeting new requirements and responsibilities in managing their valuable investment profitability. It is the responsibility of the Association to maintain the common area and structures for curb appeal, safety, and comfort to the homeowner.THRIFT RMS can provide the expert management your property deserves. As experienced professionals, we can ensure you the maximum net return from your property, based on its highest and best use

What is Property Management?

Our objectives in Property Management are:

  • To preserve and safeguard the capital asset.
  • To secure and maintain the greatest net return possible at minimal cost over the life of the asset.
  • To maintain good working relationships between management, clients and tenants.
  • To enhance the value of the property through skillful management and well considered improvement.



The activities that THRIFT RMS undertakes to accomplish these broad goals are many and diversified. Listed below are a few services available. Click here or Complete Services Provided” below to view the full line of services provided by THRIFT RMS.

  • Handle tenant relations and communications.
  • Coordinate written rental\lease agreements and determine appropriate method and terms of such agreements.
  • Screen and qualify perspective tenants.
  • Evaluate property periodically to determine rental value through market surveys.
  • Review the physical condition of the property and develop maintenance programs.
  • Rent collection and security deposits.
  • Disburse expenses with vouchers through trust account and provide monthly computer generated accounting statements.
  • Resolve delinquent accounts, including EVICTIONS.
  • Provide real estate services, with consent of Board, should property be for sale or exchange.
  • Control and interface maintenance problems with tenant and maintenance person(s).
  • Consultations
  • Complete Services Provided


Fees charged are among the most competitive available and will vary depending on the amount of services you request or require, for the Management Program you feel best suite your needs.We look forward to introducing you to our complete property management services, each diversified enough to best server your individual needs.




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